Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been injured.  What should I do?:

Call Personicare as soon as possible: 303-482-1796.  One of our associates will be glad to help. Or fill out our information form.

I don’t have an attorney yet.  Will you help me find one?
Absolutely!  We will be glad to help you find an attorney that can help you get what is rightfully yours.

Driving is difficult after my accident.  What if my doctor is far away?
We have medical providers throughout metro Denver, Colorado Springs and Loveland/Ft Collins.  We’ll help you find the right doctor, near you.

What if I need to see a specialist?
We have many specialists in our network.  You have access to all of them.

What out of pocket expenses will I have to pay for?
There are no fees or out of pocket expenses!  When the doctor sees you, you pay nothing.

How is Personicare paid?
When your lawsuit settles, funds from the settlement will be used to pay your medical bills.  However, you remain responsible for the full amount of your medical bills if the settlement funds are not sufficient to pay the medical bills in full.

Who Do I Call With Questions?
Call us anytime: 303-482-1796 or